• Callum Bradley

    Callum Bradley

    Callum Bradley, at the age of 28, stands 6'1". He was an MI5 agent who grew tired of red tape, and is ready to pursue more worthwhile cases.
  • Charles "He Who Will Be Saved" Roberts

    Charles "He Who Will Be Saved" Roberts

    Charles is not quite right in the head, but that doesn't stop him from doing his job! In fact, with this kind of job it may in fact make it a bit easier. More or less raised by a cult, so avoid theological discussions at all cost! 5'7" and 23 years old.
  • Tom Strombert

    Tom Strombert

    Tom is a 4'9" 29 year old male. He's afraid of insects and dogs. he hates the cold and loves fire. he is fairly honest and has a knack for getting himself into trouble with his almost uncontrollable curiosity.