Callum Bradley

Callum Bradley, at the age of 28, stands 6'1". He was an MI5 agent who grew tired of red tape, and is ready to pursue more worthwhile cases.




The most recent in a long line of constables, Callum Bradley was arrested four times in his youth for attempted shoplifting. His parents decided that a less dangerous city might have a positive effect on the child, and moved to Manchester. They were right, and he later attended Manchester University, where he majored in Criminology and Criminal Justice. From Manchester University he joined a local police department. The work was gratifying, but he soon found all of his cases buried in red tape. One year later, when little had changed, he quit the police force and joined MI5, hoping for a more streamlined bureaucratic process. He was soon heard uttering the words “I’ve made a huge mistake” when he learned that MI5 involved even more red tape than policing. Though it didn’t involve as much fieldwork – at least until the case was nearing completion – and it included much more desk-work and red tape, the higher profile of cases satisfied Callum. Over time, he looked for cases that involved more fieldwork and less red tape. The ones he found were generally dead ends, cases involving alien abductions and faerie sightings that he took on between bigger cases. These cases, while they did not earn the love of his superiors, did garner attention from an outside source.

Callum Bradley

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