Charles "He Who Will Be Saved" Roberts

Charles is not quite right in the head, but that doesn't stop him from doing his job! In fact, with this kind of job it may in fact make it a bit easier. More or less raised by a cult, so avoid theological discussions at all cost! 5'7" and 23 years old.

| ST=10 | DX=12 | IQ=11 | HT=8 |
Escape=12 Fast Talk=12 Filch=14 Guns:Pistol=14 Lockpicking=11 Stealth=12 Acrobatics=15


  • Delusions(Minor): Cult of Grazkit
  • Fanaticism: CoG and :. Torchwood
  • No Sense of Humor

Stolen away as a child by the Cult of the Great Grazkit, Charles has not lived a normal life. Tasked by the cult with procuring items of interest, he has become rather talented at all manner of legally problematic skills. Usually, the boy was sent to retrieve items which the cult deemed to be of particular “magical significance” which would be used as offerings to the Great Grazkit. That, and valuables. Most of the trinkets were of little importance, the general insanity of the cult meaning that “magic” could be found in just about any old thing. However, the cult was unlucky enough to one day stumble upon something that actually had some real power. Torchwood also happened to be interested in this item. After their showdown with the cult (which went very poorly for the cultists) Torchwood discovered a young man hiding from the battle. With nowhere else to go (not exactly being good in regular society), Torchwood took pity on him and offered him a job. Charles is covered head to toe in supposedly magical tattoos, and has a manner of speech which Those Who Will Not Be Saved may find strange. Charles believes strongly that Torchwood are “Angels of Grazkit” and that everything they do is to further the Greatness of Grazkit. Naturally, they all prefer to keep this secret and therefore don’t talk about it. But he knows the Truth.

Charles "He Who Will Be Saved" Roberts

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